Preserving a Classic

LeStage® is committed to supporting the efforts to preserve Cape Cod's Land.

A portion of each Cape Cod Jewelry® sale is donated to The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, Inc., supporting its mission to protect open space on Cape Cod.

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Supporting Local Artists

Capturing the simple elegance of Cape Cod, Massachusetts

There lies a simplicity here that has to be seen and experienced to truly understand why many call it home and visitors flock to its waters every summer. Its beautiful sunsets, quaint shops, and laid back lifestyle give residents and visitors alike a reason to slown down and soak in the small details. We asked artists to capture elements of Cape Cod’s landscape to compliment the LeStage Cape Cod Jewelry® brand. Known for its maritime history and beautiful beaches, the famous peninsula provides endless inspiration.


David Scheirer

David is a painter and illustrator specializing in watercolors. His love of the outdoors significantly influence his work—combining fine, crisp details with the fluid nature of watercolor—to create simple, elegant work that perfectly captures beauty in nature. You can view more of David’s beautiful work here .


Nancy Colella

Nancy is able to expressively tell stories through her work in such simple, effective ways. With a focus on the relationships between shape, color, and line, she captures perfect moments in time that convey familiar memories of time spent on the Cape. See more of Nancy’s wonderful paintings here .

Every piece of LeStage® Cape Cod Jewelry® is made in the U.S.A. and is certified by the responsible jewellry council. LeStage® is not affiliated with Eden Hand Arts of Dennis, MA. the creator of the Cape Cod Screwball® bracelet. LeStage® and Cape Cod Jewelry® are registered trademarks owned by Marathon Company.

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